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All You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

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Do you think you need root canal therapy? Are you scared about the word “root canal” and you feel it is a scary process? Well, it is nothing to worry about cause root canals in University City have got you covered with quality treatment and service. Also, this article has all you need to know about getting root canal therapy. A root canal treatment is a dental procedure performed by a typical dentist or an endodontic to fix the damages that occur inside the tooth. It involves total cleaning and removal of decay and infections that are inside the center of a tooth (tooth’s root). It is also performed on patients who have suffered from previous decay to avoid new decay.

Apart from the tooth’s surface (enamel) which is an obvious part of the teeth, the tooth comprises of other things. There is the dentin, that makes the enamel stronger and supports the enamel. Also, there is a part of the teeth called the cementum that covers the surface of the tooth’s root and the dental pulp which is a delicate tissue located inside the tooth’s toot.

Not all dental treatments for teeth decay can get deep into the teeth as a root canal does. This is because, in a situation where the tissues around the dental pulp become infected, the dental pulp can suffer from extreme damages and might collapse. This is one of the reasons why root canal therapy is important. A root canal therapy doesn’t make you lose your teeth although the teeth won’t be as strong as they used to be before you got the treatment. This is why it is better to use a tooth cap to keep the tooth in place after the treatment has been performed.

Most people are scared because they see root canal therapy as a difficult and scary procedure. However, that’s not entirely true because dentists often numb the area before performing root canal therapy on the patient. Although the patient might feel some discomfort and irritations after the anesthesia has worn off, the side effects will stop in few days. If the side effects don’t go away, see a dentist near you or a dentist in 78148. It might interest you to know that though people are scared of root canal therapy, the treatment is still one of the most performed procedures in the dentist’s office.

Why Do I Need A Root Canal Therapy?

You could need a root canal procedure for various reasons. Although the treatment will only be performed after the dentist has examined your teeth and recommended the procedure. However, there some signs that you need to look out for before visiting the dentist.

If you have a severe toothache that is persistent and prevents you from going on with your daily activities, then you need to see the dentist for dental exams. Also, if your teeth are too sensitive to cold and hot drinks, it could be that infections have damaged the enamel and has penetrated the tooth’s root. If you notice swollen gum that causes pain and has some pus inside it, then you need to see the dentist for dental exams that will make sure that there are no infections that have eaten deep into your tooth’s root. There are also symptoms like stained teeth, weak teeth, and painful gums.

What Does Getting A Root Canal Therapy Entail?

To get root canal therapy done, you need to book an appointment with a dentist. Our dentist at Universal city can provide you with the best dental treatment without worries. After your appointment has been confirmed, your treatment will be scheduled and you’ll be given tips on how to prepare for the therapy. During root canal therapy, the dentist will clean the tooth thoroughly with disinfectants and other cleaning tools by removing decayed tissues around the tooth’ root and every other part of the tooth. After the tooth has been cleaned, the dentist will fill the holes in the tooth and cover it up by also applying tooth crowns or tooth sealants to prevent the tooth from suffering from cavities after the treatment. Root canal therapy can be performed for more than one tooth. Sometimes the patient might need to undergo a full-mouth restoration.

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