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Restorative Dentistry: The benefits of Dental Implants

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Having a large space between your teeth due to a misplaced tooth can be detrimental to your dental health and your general health in various ways. Also, it can be a physical drawback. Most people with misplaced teeth find it hard talking freely amongst others and even flashing a slight smile could be traumatic. The good news is, there are restorative dental procedures that can help you replace your missing teeth and give you that beautiful smile coupled with confidence. One of the restorative dental procedures that can provide you with an enhanced dental structure is a dental implant. Now you do not need to worry about the large space in your tooth. Another good news is if you get your dental implant in Universal City you can be well assured of quality treatment and dental care from our experienced dentists. So what then is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a restorative dental procedure that involves the replacement of a missing tooth with an artificial tooth. It is also a dental treatment that enhances one dental structure thereby allowing the teeth to perform their duties and functions without obstruction.

Dental implants are completely different from dental procedures that require simple attachments. It is attached to a person’s jawbone through oral surgery by an oral surgeon. With its iron-like material which is made up of titanium, it looks like a screw that is attached to the jawbone, and then its procedure is complete after a dental crown is attached to make it look like a real tooth. After the screw has been attached to the jawbone, it is allowed to heal for some time before a dental cap (dental caps are tooth-like dental accessories that are custom-made to fit into a person’s tooth structure and perform dental functions of the previously removed or misplaced tooth). Since fixing a dental implant involves oral surgery, dentists often administer local anesthesia to numb the pain. You do not have to panic cause you won’t feel any pain after the area has been numbed. Even after the surgery, your dentist can provide you with pain relief medications that would reduce the after pain. What matters more is the benefits of dental implants. It is better to undergo the procedure early and prevent future dental issues that could also be detrimental to your health.

Reasons Why You Might Need A Dental Implant

The major reason why a dental implant is placed is to fill the space created by a misplaced tooth that has fallen off completely from its roots. However, people suffer from misplaced roots due to different reasons.

Some people get dental implants after a tooth extraction (this is a dental procedure that involves the total removal of a tooth from its roots due to tooth damages, injuries, or infections). After tooth extraction, the patient might want to get the space filled up. At this point, a dental implant can be beneficial. Also, dental implants are the best solution for multiple tooth replacement. This means that even if you got more than one tooth extraction, you can get multiple dental implants. Some people also lose their teeth through accidents that affect the teeth thereby causing the tooth to fall out from its roots due to a heavy blow or force.

Note that people who suffer from advanced gum disease are at high risk of losing their teeth. This is because when the gum disease eats deep into the jawbone and teeth roots, the teeth would lose their strength and won’t be able to stand firm. After getting gum disease treatment, if you have lost your teeth during the process, you might want to get an artificial tooth placement. However, dental implants are only applicable when you still have healthy gums and jawbone. Also, people with bone diseases are not the right candidates for dental implants. You can see your dentist near you or see a dentist in 78148 for suggestions or recommendations about other restorative dental procedure that suits you best.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants have various benefits to dental health and overall health. Before the dental implants were made, dentists made use of dental bridges and dentures to fill or replace a missing tooth. However, dental implants are stronger in the sense that they provide a stronger foundation for the placement of temporary and permanent restorative dental procedures to enhance your dental and facial structure.

Dental implants are strong restorative dental procedures that last longer with better maintenance. They also help to improve your self-esteem thereby giving you the confidence to feel good around others.

Dental implants are also beneficial because they don’t need any available tooth around the missing tooth before they can be placed. Unlike some dental restorative procedures that require the availability of the surrounding tooth before they can be placed successfully, dental implants can be placed successfully inside the jawbone without the availability of a surrounding tooth.

Dental implants can also fix talking and biting problems that were caused by the missing tooth. There are also more benefits when you get your dental implant restoration in Universal City. You can also see our dentists for more consultation and inquiries.

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