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The Beginner’s Guide to Invisalign® Treatment

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Science has made massive improvements in cosmetic dentistry. Previously, misaligned or deformed teeth could not be treated. Then traditional braces came in, a set of wires and brackets were used to align the teeth. Now people use Invisalign treatment for the same purpose. It is an advanced version of braces. With several benefits, it has become the most popular orthodontic choice nowadays. Are you searching for a solution for your misaligned teeth? Invisalign may be the answer you have been searching for. This beginners’ guide has everything you want to know.

What Are Invisalign Braces and Why Are They Used

Invisalign braces are transparent trays that are worn to correct misalignment issues. These are also known as transparent braces due to their discreetness. Invisalign treatment in Universal City, TX, treats the following dental problems.

Crowded Teeth: Teeth that rotate and overlap one another. Crowding is usually witnessed in the front lower jaw.

Prognathism: Also known as an underbite, the teeth of your lower jaw overlap the teeth of the upper jaw.

Open Bite: The teeth of both jaws fail to meet when the mouth is closed. This condition is an open bite.

Overbite: The teeth of the upper jaw significantly overlap the teeth of the lower jaw. This condition is called an overbite.

Gaps: Naturally or artificially occurring spaces between the teeth are called gaps.

What Happens During the Treatment

Invisalign does not involve any extraction or pain during the treatment. You can expect a stress-free treatment. Here is what will happen to you during your appointment.

The first session is always scheduled for a consultation. Your dentist will discuss all the necessary steps involved in Invisalign. After the consultation, the next appointment will be scheduled to begin the process.

To plan the treatment with precision and accuracy, the dentist will take digital x-rays and impressions. The dentist will then create a treatment plan for you and inform you of your treatment time. It will take several weeks for your Invisalign trays to be created. Once your dentist receives your Invisalign trays, the office will call you back in for another appointment.

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