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Five Assets You Must Know about All on X Dental Implants

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Dental implant treatments do not have rules. Instead, they have guidelines. The practice you visit to replace your missing teeth must have an experienced professional with a comprehensive understanding of every patient’s unique elements and devise the best treatment plan for them. Besides other health conditions, you may have budgetary constraints that might restrain you from having individual dental implants for every missing tooth. Therefore when you visit the dentist near me for teeth replacement solutions, they must have options available to provide replacements best suited for your specific needs.

Loss of teeth impacts your self-confidence, bringing the overbearing need to find replacement solutions for the teeth you lost. However, what is your options if you cannot have individual implants for every missing tooth? Do not remain concerned because dentists can provide you with the revolutionary all on X concept, helping you replace an entire arch of teeth in 3 to 4 hours. Please do not assume this treatment is not long-lasting or is temporary because this concept has currently become the preferred way to replace missing teeth. If you haven’t heard about the all on X concept, we suggest you continue reading this article to realize why you may become eligible for this procedure.

How Do All on X Dental Implants Work?

This concept achieves your goal with merely 4 to 6 dental implants instead of six, seven, or more, as was the situation earlier. In addition, the all on X concept needs merely minimal implants placed at strategic angles to provide you an entire arch of teeth in a single procedure.

Earlier, if you required teeth replacements, you needed one implant for every missing tooth embedded deep into your jawbone. Fortunately, the strategy of angling the implants makes more bone available to build a sturdy foundation for your new teeth.

Benefits of All on X Dental Implant

The all-on X concept has many benefits if you want to transform your smile. The five most important are the following:

  • Cost-Effective: the all on X concept doesn’t require bone grafts if you have insufficient jawbone to reduce the cost of the treatment, unlike earlier significantly. You wouldn’t qualify for traditional dental implants without sufficient healthy jawbone or bone grafts and sinus lifts if you required teeth replacements in the upper jaw.
  • Single Visit Procedure: Unlike traditional implants requiring multiple appointments with various specialists, the all on X implants concept is completed in a single visit on the day your teeth are extracted, enabling you to receive the treatment quickly. The implant placement procedure and provide you with natural-looking artificial teeth is completed in three to four hours.
  • Less Invasive: the all on X concept is less invasive than traditional implants, which you may find comforting, significantly if you are affected by dental anxiety.
  • Personalized treatment: the dentist in Universal City takes a CT scan to carefully plan your procedure to find the perfect position for the dental implants. If you desire, you can have a dental mold produced to assist the dental bridge producers to make your specific bridge.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: That dental implants give you aesthetically pleasing results is known to all. However, when using the all on X implants technique, you can have an entire arch of teeth in a single appointment with your dentist without having to return over and over again for different procedures.

Time Required to Heal after All on X

Whether you have a single implant or the all on X, the time to heal remains the same, approximately 4 to 6 months. Think of the all on X concept as revolutionary because you walk into the dentist’s office with your old or missing teeth and leave the office in a few hours with a brand-new smile given right after dental implant placement.

The healing time is for the dental implants to integrate with your body in a process called osseointegration. You receive new teeth right after dental implant placement before recovering from the surgical procedure. However, the new teeth are indistinguishable and remain in your mouth until you recover. However, they need replacements after completing osseointegration to have your permanent teeth. Your dentist makes all the adjustments required to ensure your permanent teeth are precisely what you want them to be.

The all on X concept is realistic, unlike traditional dentures. The dental prosthetics are fabricated with the finest materials allowing for transparency, giving every tooth the depth visible in natural teeth. Therefore if you want to replace your existing or missing teeth, you have another option to accomplish your goal using the all on X implants concept.

Would you like to replace your missing or decayed teeth? Please visit Universal Dental requesting the all on X concept for the replacements with confidence because you will have artificial teeth the same day soon after implant placement.

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